Helper script for

Dec 14, 21

I got tired of copying/pasting while adding icons from to my GitHub profile page recently, so I created this little helper script so I could just click on the icons and it would generate some markup for me.

Some more history on this:

Recently, I ‘discovered’ that I could add a to my GitHub profile page. I’m quite late on this ‘discovery’ only coming across it when I went to someone’s profile page and they had a lot of cool things there.

A handful of youtube videos later and I was ready to spin one up. I wanted to add some icons for the dev items and came across the site which had a ton of great icons I could include via CDN.

This was cool, but since I wanted to simply add the img tag, I had to select an icon, go over to the left side, then copy and paste the img tag which wasn’t really convenient setup to do this. See below for a dramatic recreation of this activity!


Maybe not so dramatic..

Well… anyway, since I was fiddling around with formatting and things, I ended up going back and forth and back and forth while I figured out which icons I wanted to use, etc. After a bit, I decided that this was kind of a pain and I wished I could just click on the icons I wanted and copy and paste some markdown. So I put together the little js above and ran it in my browser console. It could be tweaked a lot, but as with all things like this, it may not be worth it.

If i was passing these through a resizer, I’m guessing I could use normal image tags, but this setup seemed to be similar to what I found on some other profiles and kept all of them in a line, so that’s what I went with. It’s easy enough to tweak the line that outputs the markdown if needed.

I actually ended up just kind of hand tweaking things on my file rather than using this too much, but it helped me while I was fiddling around and gave me a little entertainment, so maybe it’ll help someone else! 😀