Quick Performance Monitoring from Powershell

Apr 02, 18

If, you wanted to take a quick peak, using powershell, on some performance metric and show it in write-progress, here’s how you would do it.

“But why?” I hear you saying. “Can’t I just do that in perfmon or any other tool made for this?”

Well, sure, but where’s the fun in that. 😀

If you want to see them both, should be simple enough to setup multi-threading and get some feedback. Here’s an example of someone doing something similar.

2019-02-12 Edit: For some reason I decided to look at this again. I wanted to be able to see all of my processors at once. So here is something for that:

function ShowProgressBars{
    Begin {} Process {
        $i = 0
        foreach($sample in $_.samples){
            $a = "$($sample.path)"
            $p = ([math]::round($sample.cookedvalue))
            Write-Progress -Id (++$i) -Activity $a -PercentComplete $p
    } End {}

((Get-Counter -ListSet Processor).PathsWithInstances | ? {$_.contains("% Processor Time")}) |
    get-counter -SampleInterval 1 -Continuous |
    select @{n="samples";e={$_[0].CounterSamples}} |