Installing Docker on Raspi

Mar 25, 18

This one was super easy. There is a one line install on the raspi page for this.

curl -sSL | sh

I also found a great install page here

For me this didn’t work and I got a couple of errors that basically seemed to indicate that the docker service wasn’t running. Or I should say it didn’t work right off the bat the way I thought. I could run docker version, but i couldn’t docker run anything.

After a little looking, I came to this page and someone mentioned rebooting. So simple. So elegant. So correct. After a reboot everything was working for me. However, prior to rebooting I also ran sudo systemctl enable docker to make sure that docker started up after the reboot as I saw that noted in a few places.

Now, the only caveat is that you need arm specific images. So docker run microsoft/powershell didn’t work but docker run armhf/hello-world works fine. You can get around this by using Kubernetes cluster and probably a variety of other ways where you build the image somewhere else and then run it on the rapi.

Here is a great article on doing something like that.