For each file - CLI - MacOS

Feb 22, 18

I had a need to cycle through some files to convert the encoding today. Had to lookup how to do this from the cli/terminal on a mac.

for f in ./_posts/2007*.md;
iconv -sc -f UTF-16LE -t UTF-8 $f > $f.markdown;

This is just (basically) a one liner to look at all my posts from 2007 and convert them from utf-16le encoding to utf-8 and rename them with markdown after. This worked ok for me, but sadly I still had to go back and manually fix a bunch of the posts.

I’m still not sure exactly what caused this to happen, but I suspect it is because I have been machine hopping while I convert the old blog.

After this, I also needed to remove the old .md files and remove .markdown from the files I just created. To get rid of the old files, I just used rm, as you do. To rename the files I actually went and got rename and used that like this:

brew install rename
rename -nvs md.markdown md *.md.markdown

The ‘n’ let’s you get a preview of what will change. You just remove it to make it happen.