Decrypting VNC Passwords

Jan 29, 18


I have a very old ‘server’ that is running vnc. No one knows the password, but we have local admin on the machine. The machine is, however, located in a remote place. How to recover the password?


  1. Since I have local admin on the box, I was able to get the encoded password from this location:
reg query "\\myserver\hklm\software\ORL\WinVNC3\Default" /v Password
  1. I was able to use this file to decode by just copy/pasting the value from above.

That’s it. 😀 After that I used vncviewer to get into the box and everything was fine.

I was also able to find some github projects, but I don’t have gcc on my windows machine, so I just used the tool from above as I found some references to writing this one. I’ll include a couple github projects here, however.