I’m looking at you Comcast!

Mar 13, 13

So we just moved and setup new internet. We are using Comcast for our internet here as we were at the last place. We got 30MB speed, but we were assured on the phone that they were upgrading the 30MB connections to 50MB on 4/1 for no charge to any of the customers. This was in response to our lamenting there being no package realistically priced between 30MB and 105MB.

It’s pretty fast so far. I took about 5 different samples from speedtest.net and they were all about the same. Here’s one of them:


I’ll have to check back in April to see if the sales guy was lying.

Note: I wanted to put a link to the current plan we were offered, but it doesn’t appear to be on Comcast’s site. Now *all* of the new plans are 20/50/105. Go figure. 😛