How to setup blogging to subtext from word2007

Jun 02, 10

Specifically, how to set this up for OUR blog 😛 Thanks to Dennis and this article for the info. These are steps for someone that doesn’t already have a blog setup in word 2007. I will assume if you do, you already know enough and the settings/info from this will be enough.

  1. Click new document and choose ‘Blog Post’. The following screen will come up. Click ‘Register Now’. img

  2. You select ‘Other’ from the Blog drop down and click Next. img

  3. This is where the fact that we have multiple blogs appears to differ from the instructions in the link above. I filled out the below screenshot using those instructions and the following results in a failure. You have to give the full url path to your blog if you have a blog below the main site. So the url for the blog post URL for my blog is, not just It’s pretty easy to test though. If you go to the url, you should see a method screen similar to the second screen clip. Put in your username and password and click OK. img

  4. You should see the following success screen. If your username is wrong or anything like that, you’ll get a popup that says it can’t register it or something similar. img
  5. OK, finally, I will note that I followed the advice on codingmonk and also clicked ‘Picture Options’ in step 3. The default picture provider was ‘blog provider’ so I just clicked OK and moved on. I don’t know if that’s necessary, but I did it as well.
  6. Enjoy posting from Word 2007! 😁