making a custom google map (for ingles stores 😛)

Nov 09, 09
haven’t fiddled with this in forever but i had a need recently to find all the ‘ingles’ supermarkets. so i simply went out to the company site and got an address list. manually cleaned it up a little bit with some fancy search and replace and then had a tsv basically. went out to google maps to see what i needed. obviously not an address list. found that it wanted kml or georss or something. quick search turned up this great page at which will allow you to put in a simple tsv (or delim’d) set of data with some columns and it will build it for you. super.

about 10 minutes later i had my kml and had it uploaded into my new google map.

saved at:,-82.529297&spn=8.200485,16.907959&z=7&msid=102498971695683833588.000477e9967e48e7ac6af

pretty nifty and easy.