Electronification of Paper aka EOP

Jul 18, 07

If you use this term, you are a moron. Electronification is a made up word. We already have digital documents. Please, US Financial Industry, stop the madness. The United States already looks retarded enough around the world without you causing anyone else to think we have to create new words because we haven’t expanded our vocabulary enough to include digital documents or digitization of paper. Every time I see or hear some executive somewhere use the phrase EOP or Electronification of Paper as if they did not just babble some ridiculous sounding nonsense it makes my stomach turn. If you work for VISA (who coined and/or popularized the term according to this source) please locate and fire whatever idiot associated your name with this stupidity. If (s)he’s not smart enough to pick up a thesaurus, at least have a friend with an IQ above 60 review your press release before it goes out. This has been bothering me for a while.

I sure hope we don’t hurt the papers when we “electronificate” them.