Top 10 "Why XML Sucks" Articles

Jul 09, 07

As many of my colleagues know, I am not a really big fan of XML. I think it’s bloated. I think it’s not needed. I don’t think it accomplishes much if anything that couldn’t be done before just by sending text delimited in a different way. I’m not sure why if I want to tell someone a yes or a no answer on something being found, I have to wrap it in 1000 characters of SOAP data when i could just send a 0 a 1 or nothing and accomplish the same thing. Or why if I want a list of data, I have to wrap it up and package it as XML when I could just send the list as regular delimited text instead of delimited by 20% text bloat of so-called self description. Anyway, that’s the short version of why I think XML sucks. Here are some other people that think it sucks and some much more in depth articles about it. 😀

  1. The XML Bug
  2. Tags Do Not a Language Make - Part 1
  3. The horror of XML
  4. "Does XML Suck?" Revisited
  5. The Data Exchange Tail - Part 2
  6. Misuses of XML
  7. Xml Sucks
  8. Xml Is Just Dumb Text
  9. The Myth of Self-Describing XML
  10. Against the Grain 7/5/2001