Top 10 Articles on Storing XML BLOB data in SQL2005, maybe using compression, sqlclr or encryption 😀

Jul 08, 07

SERIOUSLY too long of an article name, but hey, it covers a large amount of stuff. I basically had some large XML blobs (wordml docs) I needed to store in SQL and I wanted to store them as compressed BLOBs to save space. These are the articles I found most useful at the time when I was working on that.

  1. Using CLR integration to compress BLOBs/CLOBs in SQL Server 2005
  2. CLR Stored Procedures
  3. Passing a DataSet to a SQLCLR Stored Procedure
  4. Storing Binary Files Directly in the Database Using ASP.NET 2.0
  5. How to read and write a file to or from a BLOB column by using ADO.NET and Visual C# .NET
  6. Compress and decompress strings in C#
  7. LOB Performance in SqlDataReader
  8. Using GZipStream for Compression in .NET
  9. Data Compression and Data Encryption
  10. 7Zip (LZMA) In-Memory Compression with C#