Top 5 SOS.dll Tips

Jun 24, 07

5 things I wish I had known or done prior to attempting to work with SOS.dll and windbg.exe:

  1. sos.dll needs to be in the path for windbg in order to load it
  2. you can .load %full path to sos.dll% instead of .load sos mscorwks or other statements
  3. SOS for .NET 2.0 does NOT have all the commands the .NET 1.x version does (a source)
  4. review and use !help %command% often
  5. where these two articles were: one, two.

I experienced an extreme amount of pain first working with SOS.dll because of some of the problems above. I also found that there were LOTS of articles about using it, but some were more detailed then others about carrying through to the end of the process. i found many articles along the way that utilized a variety of different tools. i think the links above were the most useful in shedding immediate light on sos.dll and how it is used in the debugging process.