SHFBO Stored Procedures

Jun 20, 07

Johnson, Sean [9:58 AM]: I love these Ashbrook, Roy [9:59 AM]: i have seen entire procs that have like a whole extra complicated proc in them, just because they want one temp table that they think they need hehe Ashbrook, Roy [9:59 AM]: so they copy like the top 80% of the proc, just to get the 10% in the middle 😛 Johnson, Sean [9:59 AM]: ok you are looking at this along with me apparently… LOL! Johnson, Sean [9:59 AM]: same thing Ashbrook, Roy [9:59 AM]: yep. makes me sad haha Johnson, Sean [9:59 AM]: it makes you cringe to look at the rest of the procs now doesnt it Ashbrook, Roy [10:00 AM]: i normally shake my head with disapointment before i open them Ashbrook, Roy [10:00 AM]: it saves time Ashbrook, Roy [10:00 AM]: =P Johnson, Sean [10:00 AM]: lmao Johnson, Sean [10:00 AM]: we should blog that as a best practice Ashbrook, Roy [10:00 AM]: haha Johnson, Sean [10:00 AM]: “shake head first before opening” Ashbrook, Roy [10:01 AM]: we could cal them shfbo procs Ashbrook, Roy [10:01 AM]: pronounced shifbo! Johnson, Sean [10:02 AM]: lol.. new interview term has been invented Johnson, Sean [10:02 AM]: Hi are you familiar with shifbo procs?