multi-touch computing is now microsoft surface computing

May 30, 07

i can’t find the video, but these guys demoed this technology about 2 years ago at some tech conference. i thought it was pretty amazing and i didn’t realize that ms had picked it up and run with it. techcrunch has a cool video of it all now that it’s released.

the video will say it all. check it out.

i knew they were releasing ‘something’ tonight at midnight that was supposed to be some awesome new technology. i fell asleep but, as i’m sure you can see by the early timestamp i was actually still thinking about it in my sleep and it woke me up at like 5am with no clock because i had to know man.

this is awesome. minority report is here. 😀

as a matter of fact, here’s the video that i saw. it was last year in feb. i remember forwarding this to a bunch of my friends because i thought it was so incredibly amazing. this idea should change the world when it trickles down.

multi-touch computing is now ms surface computing and way cooler.