switching to vista from os x

May 07, 07

so i came across this article today in my surfing. it’s written by Nik Cubrilovic who has a pretty cool blog and it’s about his initial experience switching to vista from os x. The experience he records is extremely positive. It makes me want to try using my laptop at home more. For a little background, I have a work laptop that has windows xp professional on it. We use a lot of encryption and protection etc at work so sometimes it seems slow, but overall it’s very responsive and usable. It’s a IBM Z61t with 2GB of RAM and a 100GB 7200 RPM drive. Computer properties says I have a t2400 @ 1.83GHz. I have a Dell D810 that has (I think) the max specs for that machine short of 4gb of RAM which I think it can hold. I only have 2gb, but i have the 1920 x whatever display. I don’t remember what video card I have, but …. well quite frankly Vista seems to run really slow. I also do not really like the new media center. It looks really cool, but I have lag sometimes running DVDs and I never had that before I upgraded. Granted I was using some other DVD player, but still…..

His positive thoughts seem to be at odds with many other reviews out there. Most notably this recent review from my FAV hardware site, the big [H], HardOCP!

It seems that it’s a pretty good upgrade if you are a more normal user, perhaps? That generalization doesn’t seem to fit either. I have actually been wanting to get a macbook pro for a while now. it’s been something i’ve been saving for and hoping to use for my personal machine and also as my rails dev box instead of using windows. of course, with so many .net/ruby crossovers coming out now, perhaps i should just keep developing as i have been on windows and wait. os x is pretty though. 😛 and, yes, vista is pretty too, but it’s not the same.

getting a mac would probably help with my desires to do some mono development.