IBM Lays off 1 billion people!

May 04, 07

OK, so it wasn’t that many. I think it’s funny that so many people are suprised that IBM is trying to basically take advantage of cheaper working conditions in other places. They want to kill their pensions and take advantage of the brilliant people working in other countries that don’t require 6 figures per year and a pension plan to do mediocre work. Ultimately the stock game is all about the people at the top getting richer than they already are. It’s a game they play, and that’s the way it is. Calling them scumbags or unethical etc is just silly. The market will take whatever people will put up with. And sometimes, if the people won’t put up with it, you find other people in another country that will do brilliant work just for food or merely for the love of doing it, not because they are fat and believe in the entitlement to a better life than other people on the planet just because they were born in a certain location.

In the business world, perception is everything. You can either play the game or not. I generally choose not to play the perception game and try to stick to facts. Despite my believing this is better, it does sometimes work out worse for me because people don’t always want to know the truth. In fact, they probably normally don’t. Quote from, and link to, the article below.

This is a policy based on perception.