select top 6 from (select top 10 from lists)

Mar 27, 07

ha! i got ya! you thought this was a sql post, but it’s not 😛 jeff atwood of fame has a great article posted about his favorite top 10 lists. the top 6 ones to be exact.

here is the brief version with a link to each of them.

my personal top 10 items, in no particular order, out of the top 50 of these (i won’t include the books) are:

  • learn from mistakes. they will happen anyway.
  • consult before you rewrite.
  • communication is the hardest part.
  • rely on proven technology.
  • process is no substitute for thinking.
  • Get out of your office.
  • keep it simple.
  • add value all the time.
  • learn to say no.
  • all things are not equal.
  • show respect to everyone.

the OCD among you will see that there are 11. i couldn’t let the 11th one there drop off, showing respect for your juniors and seniors i believe is a critical aspect to success. this applies to all area of life.